PE CPD Support

Why is CPD important?

LSC want to have a positive impact on Teaching staff as well as the children. Upskilling existing school staff in PE and School Sport has massive benefits to your school in making teachers more confident, knowledgeable and able to deliver high quality PE lessons with confidence. LSC aims to add value to your school through the PE CPD process for your staff as well as implementing positive outcomes for your children throughout the year of PE lessons. Using the LSC CPD process helps teachers to manage their own development on an ongoing basis, It’s not a tick-box task recording the training they have completed – It’s broader than that. Here’s what PE CPD with LSC helps teachers to do:

  • Ensures they keep pace with the current standards of others working in Physical Education and School Sport.
  • Keeps their knowledge and skills current so they can deliver high-quality teaching and impact positively on pupil outcomes.
  • Makes sure that they become more effective in the workplace. This helps them to advance in their career and move into new positions where they can lead, manage, influence, coach and mentor others.
  • Opens them up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skills.
  • Leads to increased confidence in themselves when delivering PE lessons on their own.
  • Teachers have the opportunity to participate in the teaching of PE being provided with an LSC lesson plan to follow alongside the coach.
  • Once confident in delivering the Teacher can then have the opportunity to take the lead with our coach as an assistant to them, allowing them to implement what they have learnt and receive feedback after the lesson from our coach.


Need some help or inspiration with your PE lessons? Be like coach Andy and use one of our professional lesson plan resources – there are specific sessions for each year group from reception to year 6.


Who we work with

LSC understands how each school is different and has different needs. With over 20 years of experience, it’s one reason why we are proud to work with a range of nurseries, primary and secondary schools in Leeds, Bradford, Cheshire East, Liverpool and Greater Manchester areas. We have also recently expanded our services in Greater London. We work alongside SEN schools and OutReach UK, an organisation which delivers a focused mentoring programme. 

Our professional staff

Our team of dedicated teaching, coaching and education specialists are on hand to support and advise your school. All lead staff are qualified to a minimum of NGB Level 2 in at least one sport. 

All LSC staff hold an up-to-date DBS, Emergency First Aid and Safeguarding Children certificate. 

Staff will provide the schools with their own set of National Curriculum PE & Sports lesson plans, as well as providing regular pupil assessments which can be used for any Ofsted inspections and parents’ evenings. 

On a half-termly basis, all our delivery staff are observed by our Quality Assurance Team and feedback is provided to the coach and the school. 

Priority places at our FREE School Competitions

Every LSC school partner is welcome to attend our FREE schools’ competitions programme. One competition is organised every half-term. This gives our partner schools a chance to book early before the competition dates are released for non-partner schools. We aim for a welcoming environment where pupils get a taste of competition, but also spend the majority of time playing and having fun.

Important information for your school

Is your school making best use of its available resources?

  • Are you aware of what you can use your Pupil Premium for within the school day?
  • How are you currently using your PE & Sports Premium?
  • How will the Sugar Tax benefit your school?
  • Do you know the details of the new Catch Up Premium?

For more information, please email info@littlesportscoaching.co.uk 

AFPE Membership

LSC is a proud member of the association for PE’s business associate scheme. 

AfPE’s Business Associate Membership scheme recognises high quality providers who support Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity professionals to achieve the best outcomes for young people. 

LSC benefits from this membership in many ways, all of which sets us apart in delivering the best service in schools.